Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

So the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer is out and Fan boys are gushing all over… Am I the only one thinking – Hey look new graphics engine, same story and gameplay. Here is what I get out of the trailer: Guy wants out of [gang/mob/crime] life style after making enough money to retire […]

FREE: Red Dead Redemption – Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack DLC

The free Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack DLC is now available for download worldwide on Xbox LIVE, and the PSN Store in both North America and Europe. The Team behind Red Dead Redemption just pushed a FREE DLC pack with tons of new maps and fan-favorite characters from the single-player story. Charecters […]

Max Payne 3 Trailer

Freshly released, today from Rockstar Games, the first trailer from Max Payne 3. Looks Hot! Max Payne 3 as described by Rockstar: The new dark, gritty action experience that continues the tale of former New York City detective Max Payne and is sure to satisfy both newcomers and veterans to the historic franchise alike – […]