The UK Games Industry Gets a (Tax) Break

After years of campaigning the government, the UK games industry has finally received tax breaks from the government. For those of you new to the tax game, countries like Canada have been giving huge tax incentives to gaming companies, which has spurred huge growth but made it difficult for companies in the UK to compete. […]

The Revolving Door of Game Development

For those of you interested in getting into the game industry, I have some good and bad news: The good news is that positions are opening up left and right. The bad news is that they’re going to be filled by someone more qualified than you, sorry. According to Develop’s Salary Survey, nearly 30% of […]

The Rockstar Spouse Situation to date

You may remember the big EA Spouse shakeup that happened back in 2004, but evidently Rockstar games didn’t hear about it, or didn’t care. For those of you who are foggy on the topic, EA Spouse was a user on Livejournal who wrote a short essay about the poor working conditions and unpaid overtime at […]

2009 Hit Us Hard, But Things Are Looking Up

Layoffs were a huge topic in 2009 in the games industry. You couldn’t load up your favourite blog without seeing some studio close or some other company laying off people. It was a grim year, and M2 Research has summed it up quantitatively. According to their 2009 Ups and Downs article, almost 11,500 people were […]