Cadet 227 – A Video Game With No Video

…And now for something completely different! Cadet 227 is an indie game designed with the blind and visually┬áimpaired┬áin mind. It has no visuals, only audio. Pop on some headphones and listen to the trailer (it works better if you close your eyes when listening). It’s not obvious how the game will play out in terms […]

And Now, an Image and Post Unrelated to GDC.

No doubt you have been inundated with news of the Wii HD and Monkey Island: the sequel: the remake, but let’s be honest with ourselves: the only true news is that this is a totally sweet photoshop of a highway sign leading into Hoboken, NJ. No, nobody cares about the New Sam & Max season […]

Molyneux interview at Game Jam in Copenhagen

The Global Game Jam happened at the tail end of January and Peter Molyneux stopped by the event in Copenhagen to check out all of the upcoming game developers. Gamereactor was on the scene and was able to nab an interview with the Fable III and Milo director. In the video interview (watch it here), […]