Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Season 2 Review (Xbox 360)

I’m a zombie fanatic. A complete junkie – I collect all kinds of things Zombie releated from the Afterlife with Archie comics (YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT)I have some memorabilia from The Walking Dead TV Show I have autographs from Andrew Lincoln, John Bernthal and Sara Wayne Callies – I even have a limited edition Comic Con Exclusive issue #1 reprint signed by both Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore. So suffice to say – I love me some Zombies.

I absolutely adored Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Season 1 and was left breathless and saddened at how it ended. The moment Season 2 was released immediately bought the season pass and this weekend – I was once again saddened at the end. As a game – it’s pretty basic. As a story – it’s outstanding and that’s what keeps me coming back. No spoilers here folks just a quick overview.

The gameplay mechanics haven’t changed really at all with perhaps a few more QTEs peppered through out some of the more action oriented scenes. For all intents and purposes, this is really just an interactive movie/TV show broken up into 5 episodes which all take somewhere to the tune of about 2hrs per episode to complete.

This season sees us in control of Clementine shortly after the events of Season 1.  Across Season 2 – Clem meets new and old friends and the player is tasked with helping her make some extremely difficult dialog/decisions. The adults bicker like children and poor Clem has to not only be the voice of reason and maturity but the errand girl too. She and her merry band of survivors travel North to a place believed to be a place of sanctuary called “Wellington”. Rife with walkers, looters and all around bad people, the journey is not a safe or easy one.

The Walking Dead Season 2 was full of choices and some of them were absolutely gut wrenching all of which led to my final major decision for this season. A decision that actually took me a few tries to figure out before accepting what I ultimately must do. It left me wanting to know what happens next like any good series does.

I give The Walking Dead Season 2 an 8 out of 10

EA Access – 1 Month in Impressions

Today’s announcement of Need for Speed Rivals being added to the vault in the next few weeks had me thinking back on my first month of service and I felt  it was time to convey my thoughts about  the service. When EA first announced their new subscription based platform called EA Access, I was moderately apprehensive about whether or not I would subscribe. The initial offerings from “The Vault” (which is where the full free to play games are housed) were rather meek with just FIFA 14, Madden 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4.

Admittedly, the summer doldrums with nothing new coming out for at least 4 weeks and the paltry price tag of just $30 for the year convinced me that I should sign up and download Battlefield and perhaps give FIFA a shot despite my dislike for professional soccer.

What I found was that FIFA is a damn good game. I am pleasantly surprised at how deep the game was and how much fun I had. Couple that with a few friends that got me playing online with them. It’s killed some late nights and rainy afternoons. Another nice added bonus of being a subscriber is you also get early access to new games and demos. For example – Starting this week, I’ll be able to get 6hrs of playtime with NHL 2015 (The demo is absolutely AMAZING) prior to the release of the game on Tuesday AND the progress made and achievements will carry over to when/if you buy the full game. Couple that with the fact that you’ll get an additional 10% discount for digital purchase – that alone is worth 1 month of service.

I know the current list of games is small – but the service is BRAND NEW. They’re already talking about making adjustments to make it more enticing. This is the future fellow gamers. Like it or not, this is test to see how we react to a subscription based model. So far – I like where we’re going.


Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition Review – Xbox One

Here we are folks – September.

I had a truly awesome(and busy) summer. The long drought is finally over and the busy season of game launches is finally upon us.

This year’s game launches practically has 1 game a week that I’m interested in right until December and that started with the release of Diablo 3 – Ultimate Evil Edition. Basically it’s the same game that was released for the PC and Xbox 360/PS3 last year but that’s just on the surface. This version of Diablo III is a far more robust and rewarding experience this time around.

For starters, we have the obvious expansion “Reaper of Souls” which continues the story right after your hero dispatches Diablo and must now fight Malthael who is hell bent on absorbing the 7 Prime Evils souls contained within the Black Soulstone. Basically – he wants to rule the world and cause all kinds of grief for all mankind.

The next improvement comes from the Loot 2.0 system which was introduced to the PC version of Diablo 3 last year with the expansion pack. It GREATLY improves on the frequency of Rare/Set/Unique item drops making the constant hunt for new and improved weapons/armor all the more exciting.

A higher level cap has also been introduced bringing it up to 70 from 60, some revamped skills, a graphical upgrade in the form of 1080p 60FPS (Gorgeous) and my personal favorite – Adventure Mode (which is only unlocked after completing the campaign). Adventure mode allows you to take your Nephalem on bounty hunts across all the various acts in the game for reward, Cash and Nephalem Rifts which for all intents and purposes are nothing more than loot runs but you have a much higher chance at earning the really good stuff.

One last thing – Did you buy Diablo 3 for your PS3 or Xbox 360? Remember all the time and effort you spent building your character to becoming the absolute beast he/she was? Too bad you can’t use them in this version eh? Wrong – Thankfully Blizzard has heard the cries and it is 100% possible to transfer your character to the next gen system. You can even move it cross platform should you so desire.

In the end – there’s ample enough changes and features to make this a full price purchase. This is a damn fine game worthy of your time and money.

I give Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition an enthusiastic 9.5 out of 10

Higher Level Cap
Loot 2.0
Character Imports
Adventure Mode

Reaper of Souls is too Short

Trailer: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon

Marvel’s less well known team of superheroes the Guardians of the Galaxy are getting the video game/movie combo workover with their upcoming box office debut on August 1, 2014.

Immerse yourself in a completely original storyline inspired by the film, Guardians of the Galaxy, in this sci-fi action role-playing game that takes the Guardians and their allies on an intergalactic adventure to recover the five pieces of The Universal Weapon!

Players will initially take on the role of Star-Lord as he rallies his rag-tag crew—Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer to engage in gesture-based team combat. Follow the story to to unveil the identity of the Guardians’ shadowy nemesis.

In Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon players will be able to:

  • Build a team of Guardians and their allies while directing them in gesture-based real-time battles
  • Go head to head with a roster of villains like Korath, Nebula, and Ronan
  • Unlock an original story inspired by the film and reveal the identity of the Guardians’ shadowy nemesis
  • Dive into 6 inter-galactic worlds with more than 60 unique levels at launch
  • Play through the story in Battle Mode then switch up their team for battle in Arena Mode

Watch the trailer here:

Players can start building their galactic adventure by downloading the game for $4.99 from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store and for $7.99 on the Windows Store. The game will be launching on the Amazon App Store soon.

NHL 15 Revealed!

Earlier today EA Sports announced NHL 15. They’ve also announced that Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick and Eddie Olczyk have joined the broadcast booth. TSN analyst Ray Ferraro will provide game insights at ice level. They also modeled over 9,000 individual crowd models.

Like previous years fans can vote for who they want on the cover of this years NHL. Head over here to vote.

Infamous Second Son Review

You play as Deslin Rowe who’s a young lost soul who’s caught painting graffiti on billboards by his brother the town Sheriff in some little town outside if Seattle, Washington. After you get busted by your brother you hear a large explosion, a truck has crashed and unknown passenger escapes (a conduit). You go to help the people but end up chasing a conduit and after a brief fight you get your first powers and then get interviewed by Augustine the games protagonist.

This sets Deslin off on his quest to acquire more powers and to take on Augustune. Delsin Rowe finds out he is also a conduit, which means he has the ability to channel superhuman powers to do really cool things the game. Throughout the course of the game you’re searching for other conduits in order to take their abilities away from them in order to help him complete the mission he started out to do. These powers include; smoke, neon, video (digital materialization), and concrete.

Throughout the course of the game, like the previous Infamous game, you will have a choice to make on when whether you want to play as a good character or evil character.The choices you make to kill or subdue affect your karma level in the game. Your karma level also helps determine some of the powers you unlock with different shards. Given the cheer size of Seattle you would expect that there would be lots of side missions to do and lots to see. However for me the side missions were the weakest portion of Infamous Second Son. 

Your overall goal with the side missions is to clear each district to remove the DUP and drive them out of town. In order to do this you need to track each drone and collect each shard. You’ll need to find and listen to each audio log. In order to find an audio log you’ll need to use your cell phone and track the signal, find it and listen to it. To trigger the DUP location events you’ll need to spray paint a karma design on the walls by shaking and titling the controller to complete the stencil painting. After you spot the DUP agent hiding the crowds of people you will need to chase them down and kill them. By reducing the DUP controlled percentage of an area to be less than 30 you can trigger the district showdown. Defeating the various regional DUP agents and bosses in the showdown will result in unlocking the district for fast travel and give you control of the district.

There was no side story, no interesting details or anything of substance in these side missions. Besides wanting to get the districts to 0% controlled which will net you several achievements there isn’t much to do here. When it comes down to deciding if you should put your credit card down to buy Imfamous Second Son, I would say yes you should for several reasons.

      1 – It’s gorgeous and it’s the first next gen game I’ve played that demonstrates what these new consoles can do.
      2 – A solid game to play on PS4.
      3 – A decent story with some really good mechanics and powers.

FeedYourConsole gives Infamous Second Son 7.5 out of 10

Rumor – Black Panther to Appear in Captain America 3?


El Mayimbe from Latino-Review has tweeted that we could well see fan favorite The Black Panther make his Big Screen debut in Captain America 3 due out May 2016 in what will no doubt be a head to head blood bath with Superman vs. Superman. While The Black Panther’s involvement is still just a rumor, to me it makes a whole lot of sense to have him there in advance of setting up the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What do you guys thinks?


Kinect Sports Rivals Review

If you’re like me and acquired an Xbox One on launch day, you’ve probably spent the last 4 months yelling at our Xbox using the Kinect since that’s all we could use it for. Sure games like Ryse: Son of Rome have voice commands but they seemed tacked on as an after thought. However, we finally have our first Kinect game for Xbox One Kinect Sports Rivals, this is the next generation sequel to the Xbox 360 Kinect Sports games.

Navigating around the menus wasn’t designed for a controller, but you can use it if you desire too, it’s designed for hand gestures and voice. The issue I have with the voice controls is I have to say “listen” and than a keyword that’s on screen. After I do something like Listen, quick play, it will make me say listen again to perform another action. I disagree with this sequence, since the Kinect knows I just used my voice to do an action, so why make me do that again?

If you’re like me and live in a apartment or condo, you may have a hard time finding enough space to play this game. I have just about 4 feet from my TV to my sofa and don’t have the space to move my sofa in order to play and Kinect Sports Rivals is constantly telling me to move back because it can’t see my feet.

Like the previous Kinect Sports game the soundtrack features artists like Avicii, Daft Punk and Franz Ferdinand. The good music adds to the atmosphere. I really enjoyed hearing some good tunes while playing various sports.

Kinect Sports Rivals Hub is a companion app that I had to download separately (why it wasn’t included in the main game or just on smart glass I don’t know) but it’s the source for news, updates and global competition. The more you play the various sports and challenges, the more fans you’ll earn, allowing you to move from the bronze league (beginner league) to the silver, gold, platinum, diamond or master league (rivals league consists of six different leagues each containing six star divisions).

Rivals offers six different sports for you to play which include; wake racing, climbing, target shooting, soccer, tennis and bowling. The latter 3 on this list are returning from Kinect Sports and have been updated for Rivals.

Let’s start with wake racing which has the player reach out with their right hand, close it in which engages the throttle. Players than move either their right or left hand in and out depending if you need to turn right or left. If it’s a sharp turn you’ll be required to use your body to lean. Want to perform a trick? You’ll need to bend forward. This will allow you to unlock power-ups in the game like force field, speed boost or mine drop.

Rock Climbing has a player use an open hand to peg, close your fist and than repeat with the other hand which will allow you to move up the wall. You maybe required to perform the same actions to go sideways before you can go up. Can’t reach a peg? you’ll need to jump and than grab a peg to continue your climb.

Target shooting is basically move your hand and point at the target as fast as you can to hit it. If your quick enough and you can see your opponents targets shoot ’em and steal their points. Your competitor can activate a power-up that will have you dodging incoming fire but if you get hit you’ll lose points.

Soccer (it’s really called football but that’s ok), my favourite sport is back, and as you expect it’s quite simple to play. Side kick to pass, kick it with your toes to get some air under it or even try heading it into the net. It’s sounds simple but you’ve only got 20 seconds to score before the shot clock runs out. They’ve removed defending completely and I’m not sure why exactly. It kind of feels a little half ass in my opinion. Now it’s time to defend and by that I mean play goal and simply move your body to where the ball appears on screen trying to stop it.

Bowling feels the same like it did in previous Kinect Sports games. Put your hand over your head to start the game, grab a ball from either the left or right side and throw the ball like you would if you really bowling. You’ll need to move your body slightly to align with the arrows on the lane and if your feeling brave after releasing the ball move your wrist to the left or right to add spin to the ball.

Roadshow-Bowling-png (1)

Last up is Tennis. Reach out to either side and grab a racquet, throw the ball in the  air and swing, it’s really that simple. You could also put in some back spin or top spin if you can pull it off successfully (it’s quite easy).


Besides the issues I experienced in getting the voice commands working properly in order to navigate around the island and the issues with my feet not being seen while playing soccer, I really enjoyed Kinect Sports Rivals. Yes, my Kinect is barely 4 feet away from where I was playing but when you live in a apartment or condo you really can’t change that. Microsoft and Rare need to do a better job of that aspect. The gameplay was fun and I was constantly checking out the Rivals Hub to see how my friends were performing.

Besides the issues I experienced in getting the voice commands working properly in order to navigate around the island and the issues with my feet not being seen while playing soccer, I really enjoyed Kinect Sports Rivals. Microsoft and Rare need to do a better job of that aspect. The gameplay was fun and I was constantly checking out the Rivals Hub to see how my friends were performing.

Feed Your Console Gives Kinect Sports Rivals a 7 out of 10.

Amy Hennig Joins VisceralGames to Work on Star Wars Project

Amy Hennig who was Creative Director and Writer for the #Uncharted series before leaving Naughty Dog last month took to twitter today to announce that she would be joining Visceral Games as Creative Director on a new Star Wars project!

More information can be found here.