Review: Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven (DS – Reviewed) Editors Note: Not being rhythmically inclined I enlisted the help of my significant other (HulaGirl) to assist in this review. Rhythm Heaven is the latest in interactive portable music gaming, offering numerous mini games and remixes for your audio pleasure. Gameplay is simple to learn yet hard to master; a […]

Review: MadWorld

Platform: Wii (reviewed)Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger before he was the Governator? Back when he was the Running Man… How about a time before Mickey Rouke was putting it down in the Wrestling ring, as ex-con in Sin City known as Mavr? Mix in a healthy dose of Bruce Campbell’s chainsaw toting character ‘Ash’ from the Evil […]

Review: Ninja Blade

Assume the role of Ken Ogawa and strap on your three swords the “Oni-Slayer”, the “Stonerender”, and the “Twin Falcon” blades, and don’t forget your “Ninjutsu”, the elemental Shuriken. Ken’s mission is to head deep into the heart of Tokyo and go toe to toe with the highly infectious Alpha-Worms find their nest and exterminate […]