Review – Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

Role Playing games have certainly changed in the last few years with increasingly complex (in some cases confusing) stories, stunning graphics, moral decisions and while this is good, I still feel that they’re missing some of the emotion that was synonymous with RPGs and the stories they presented. Enter Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, the remake to a remake which originally debuted on the Sega CD and was then ported with updated graphics and audio on the PSOne.

SCEA Announces Acquisition of Media Molecule

Today Sony Computer Entertainment announced that it had acquired game developer Media Molecule, creators of LittleBigPlanet for the PS3 and PSP. Quote from the release by Alex Evans – Co-founder of Media Molecule: “Since Media Molecule’s inception, we’ve had a uniquely close relationship with SCE. Over the years they have consistently shown their dedication to […]

XSEED Games: Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Goes Gold

The classic RPG Lunar: Silver Star Harmony has been reborn on the PSP and is coming to a retail outlet near you on March 2, 2010. Game Trailer: Following the epic journey of a young boy whose adventures to become the Dragonmaster eventually set him on a path to save the world of Lunar. With […]

Review: James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game (no spoilers revealed)

Movie tie-in games of late have been on par IMHO this year. From Origins: Wolverine, Up, to even the not-that-bad TF: Revenge of the Fallen. Ubisoft’s Avatar was no exception. In fact I think out of the lot of them and may others its the first tie in that warrants it’s $60 price tag. At […]

Review: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Take your Forkamajigger and stick it in the overstuffed Ravioli over there… or maybe you need to melt that Ice cream sandwich wall with your Hot Enougher… Or better yet – see those Gummy Bears over there? Show them who’s boss with your Chopper-er. Really confused yet? Yeah, I was a bit confused when I […]