Review – No More Heros 2: Desperate Struggle

When I first heard about the original No More Heros, I just kinda said “Meh”. Then I saw a review for it on G4TV and despite their shining review, I thought…”Meh” and quickly forgot about. I did the same thing when I heard about the sequel No More Heros 2: Desperate Struggle I couldn’t help […]

Ubi announces two new titles

HAWX 2 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood have both been confirmed by Ubisoft as upcoming titles for the 2010 Fall Gaming season. AC:B was leaked yesterday to Kotaku by an inside person at a Gamestop retail location with this image: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – via Kotaku Text from the box would indicate that this is a […]

Black Wii Bundle Coming to US May 9, Mick Jagger Preorders

This is big news for those of us who have specifically avoided the garish white Nintendo Wii because it totally clashed with the rest of our entertainment set up. After a Gamestop employee snapped a picture of a promo poster announcing the black Wii bundle a few days ago, Nintendo of America has finally dropped […]