Ubisoft updates 2010 forecast and line-up

Ubisoft has just released this information regarding the financial targets of the company and some significant changes to their upcoming game release schedule. Important notes from the release: Sales for games on the Wii and DS were lower than expected in 2009 and are expected to be down for the full year by around €160 […]

Review: James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game (no spoilers revealed)

Movie tie-in games of late have been on par IMHO this year. From Origins: Wolverine, Up, to even the not-that-bad TF: Revenge of the Fallen. Ubisoft’s Avatar was no exception. In fact I think out of the lot of them and may others its the first tie in that warrants it’s $60 price tag. At […]

Review: Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Take your Forkamajigger and stick it in the overstuffed Ravioli over there… or maybe you need to melt that Ice cream sandwich wall with your Hot Enougher… Or better yet – see those Gummy Bears over there? Show them who’s boss with your Chopper-er. Really confused yet? Yeah, I was a bit confused when I […]