Tron: Legacy CE Available for Pre-Order

Oh Man! Won’t this just look sweet sitting on your bookshelf? Your very own personal Identity Disk. Get the five disk set for Tron: Legacy which includes the 3D Blu-ray Disk, the 2D Blu-ray Disk, a DVD version the DIGITAL COPY and the original “Tron” on Blu-ray Disk. Pre-orders ship April 5th, 2011. I’m planning […]

31 Days of Horror: Day 13

Lucky number 13 here at our Days of horror countdown… and tonight I bring forth the DC/vertigo Horror Comic turned movie, Constantine. The troubled supernatural detective John Constantine, played by Keanu Reeves, is tasked with stopping the forces of Hell from crossing over to the Mortal realm. Helping John is a young and inexperienced apprentice […]