You play as Deslin Rowe who’s a young lost soul who’s caught painting graffiti on billboards by his brother the town Sheriff in some little town outside if Seattle, Washington. After you get busted by your brother you hear a large explosion, a truck has crashed and unknown passenger escapes (a conduit). You go to help the people but end up chasing a conduit and after a brief fight you get your first powers and then get interviewed by Augustine the games protagonist.

This sets Deslin off on his quest to acquire more powers and to take on Augustune. Delsin Rowe finds out he is also a conduit, which means he has the ability to channel superhuman powers to do really cool things the game. Throughout the course of the game you’re searching for other conduits in order to take their abilities away from them in order to help him complete the mission he started out to do. These powers include; smoke, neon, video (digital materialization), and concrete.

Throughout the course of the game, like the previous Infamous game, you will have a choice to make on when whether you want to play as a good character or evil character.The choices you make to kill or subdue affect your karma level in the game. Your karma level also helps determine some of the powers you unlock with different shards. Given the cheer size of Seattle you would expect that there would be lots of side missions to do and lots to see. However for me the side missions were the weakest portion of Infamous Second Son. 

Your overall goal with the side missions is to clear each district to remove the DUP and drive them out of town. In order to do this you need to track each drone and collect each shard. You’ll need to find and listen to each audio log. In order to find an audio log you’ll need to use your cell phone and track the signal, find it and listen to it. To trigger the DUP location events you’ll need to spray paint a karma design on the walls by shaking and titling the controller to complete the stencil painting. After you spot the DUP agent hiding the crowds of people you will need to chase them down and kill them. By reducing the DUP controlled percentage of an area to be less than 30 you can trigger the district showdown. Defeating the various regional DUP agents and bosses in the showdown will result in unlocking the district for fast travel and give you control of the district.

There was no side story, no interesting details or anything of substance in these side missions. Besides wanting to get the districts to 0% controlled which will net you several achievements there isn’t much to do here. When it comes down to deciding if you should put your credit card down to buy Imfamous Second Son, I would say yes you should for several reasons.

      1 – It’s gorgeous and it’s the first next gen game I’ve played that demonstrates what these new consoles can do.
      2 – A solid game to play on PS4.
      3 – A decent story with some really good mechanics and powers.

FeedYourConsole gives Infamous Second Son 7.5 out of 10