The Next Generation of gaming is finally upon us and shambling in at the front of the line is the 3rd installment of Capcom’s highly successful and popular franchise, Dead Rising 3.

As a lover of all things Zombies, DR3 is a natural fit for me and was a day one pickup for my Xbox One. I was sold the very second I laid eyes on in-game footage – The sheer number of zombies on screen easily eclipses previous installments and I knew Capcom was on to something special here.

Dead Rising 3 gives us a new protagonist in Nick Ramos, a mechanic with a penchant for creating vehicles and weapons of mayhem at a moments notice as he runs around the fictional city of Los Perdidos in an effort to rescue survivors and perform tasks all with the final goal of escaping the city alive.

The gameplay is pretty well cookie cutter to the series with very little refinements done to to overall control scheme or the typical errand boy type missions. That’s not particularly a bad thing though – Dead Rising has never been about being serious or innovative new gameplay mechanics. It’s also not about incredible story telling (though they have been fun stories)..Dead Rising 3 is about the adventure of getting to your destination. Ducking, dodging and smashing your way from point A to point B as endless hordes of zombies threaten to stop you. And that is where the game’s true brilliance is. A new addition that should be note is the ability to make some truly visceral vehicles to help add to the carnage and flying body parts. We’re talking steamrollers + motorcycles destruction. It’s fantastic. You can also ask a buddy to join the frackus cooperatively as “Dick”. I found the cooperative game made DR3 considerably easier especially when fighting the deranged bosses where one can attract their attention while the other attacks from the side.

My favorite addition to the game comes in the form of Kinect interaction. When a zombie grabs you for a snack, you can push towards the screen and Nick will shove the zombie off him. It’s a natural motion that just works really well. Also with Kinect, when you say “over here” your voice can be heard by zombies in the immediate area will hear you and begin shambling their way to your direction. This can be helpful when facing the masses – Just climb up on a truck call out to them and then jump over them…orrrr…..toss down some form or explosive and BLOW THOSE EFFERS UP! (My personal favorite).

Similar to DR1 and 2, throughout the overall story are some interesting “boss” missions. The bosses are just as over the top and insane as you’d come to expect from Dead Rising. From the roided out female body builder Cherii to the Dom with a flame thrower that resembles an over-sized erection(hilarious all the way).

Graphically DR3 is a massive step up on it’s predecessor. The zombies are more varied in their appearance and their movements. Did I mention just how many of these bloody things can be on screen at any given time? My god it feels as though there are times where there has to be 1000 zombies on screen at any given time. It’s especially impressive when you come up over a hill on the highway and there’s just a sea of zombies shambling around as far as the eye can see.

If there’s any one title you bring home for your Newly minted Xbox One, this is it.

Feed Your Console Gives Dead Rising a solid 8.5 out of 10