This evening EB games Canada hosted an invite for 75 lucky winners to check out Gears of War
Judgment and go hands on with Free for All with chances to play OverRun and be one five lucky
individuals get to play the single player campaign.

The event started with recruits being asked to sign in and declare any positions as they wouldn’t be able
to take them to their last meal, game play and your trial. Next up recruits were ordered to report for
mug shots before heading upstairs to trial.

Once upstairs COG recruits where offered there last meal which was a variety of meats on a stick
because as you know COG’s didn’t abide by food rations like the normal citizens because they needed
their strength to fight the Locust.

Upstairs a green screen was set up for patrons to have their own customer Gears of War Judgment box
art created. Recruits had their choice of lancer and retro lancers available.

Next up recruits had to fight to survive in a game of Free for all which was played on the Library map.
Library only supports Free for All, Domination and Execution game moods. This library was home to
Alexiy Desipich and housed some of the most important documents to him. If your unaware of whom
he is he was responsible for the basis around the Collation of Ordered Governments revolving around
eight guiding principles: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honor, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility. Having only
a brief single play session before being eliminated from the tournament I can tell you it’s a good sized
map and where the centre of the map also features a long shot sniper rifle which conveniently keeps an
eye on the beloved Boom Shot. I was told by our hosts that there were shortcuts on the level that had
powerful weapons and short cuts to help you escape from being killed. I wasn’t able to find these short
cuts but they sure would have saved me from being killed and finishing in 3 rd place in my heat and being
eliminated from the tournament.