Continuing with the coverage for those of you stuck at work or who can’t be watching the events at this years E3, we’ll continue our coverage with the UbiSoft’s E3 2012 press event.

Here we go

So we’re kicking off with some hot chicks dancing to Moves like Jagger and Wild Wild West and a few other tunes to show off Just Dance 4 which is coming out this fall.

Aisha Tyler is the host this year. I have no effin idea who she is but she looks familiar

She’s just yammering on about games and the awesomeness that is gaming. She says Life Powered Play is the mantra
We’re getting a peek at Far Cry 3 now.
A nice topless woman seems to be riding the main character. Nice nipples i might add =P
The person who’s perspective we’re seeing gives a rousing speech to his tribes people and is now in game footage swimming under water.
He’s now killing people in the jungle and the environments looks spectacular. Killing people with a bow and arrow (seems this old weapon is getting lots of love these days)
He enters a room and is surrounded by flames – its a sweet trap. He escapes and partakes in some good old fashioned gun play killing tigers and people.
The player gets stabbed and is now experiencing a strange sort of trippy out of body experience. It looks pretty freaking sweet.

I’ve never played any of the Far Cry games…i think i’ll have to.

There are more than 4 islands to discover and thats just the single player campaign. very nice

More Splinter Cell: Blacklisted coming up. That game looked effin sweet earlier. They say this is the biggest game in the Splinter Cell game ever. The release trailer is being aired right now. Sam is just dispatching enemies all over the place right now. he drops in upside down and pulls the pin on a bad guys grenade and then systematically kills everyone else int he room. His precious cargo has been saved from the terrorists.


The Avengers: Battle for Earth are getting a Ubisoft game….The intro is showing all kinds of characters from the marvel universe. The graphics look shiny….kinda annoying.

New game for the WiiU. Rayman Legends is coming to the Wii U
We’re getting a small demo of the game. The game looks pretty nice. I like the Rayman series. The dude is using the touch pad to control another character to help Rayman get through the level. Up to 5 players can be in the game at once with compatibility for the Wii controllers. Admittedly the game looks fun because its Rayman. Rayman is gonna be a launch title from the sounds of it.

Now we’re getting to see an M rated First pewrson shooter in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. God save our queen is playing as we get an introduction ot the game. Looks pretty sweet so far. Clearly it takes place in England…the game is called Zombi U. Exclusive to the WiiU

Wow is their supposed “comedy routine” shitty betyween the hosts.

A new Rabbids game, Your shape, Sports connection Just Dance 4 all coming to the Wii

More Assassins Creed 3….EFF YES! We’re getting a glimpse into America in the Revolution. A beautiful bald eagle oars overhead while our new assassin  mounts a horse and rides into the battle. He’s whipping some major ass. He sees his target…and a puts an arrow into him before bringing an Ax down…I think I just saw George Washington watching this all take place.

The producer of AC3 is out talking about the game. We’re getting a gameplay look. SWEET!
Connor is in the woods in the middle of winter and using the trees and shrubs to get around – he takres out a deer and is now being surrounded by a pack of wolves. Wow does this ever look incredible. He makes hsi way to a town of people in tents. He’s talking to someone and is clearly still hunting templars. He rides off on Horseback through deep snow and lassos someone. before getting  into an all out brawl wioth the rest of the bad guys. The snow clearly is going to play a factor in slowing Connor down in this one. He also can climb rockfaces – We’ve now seen him stalk and take out his first target. AWESOME footage.
This game spans across 30yrs of America’s history. DOes this mean that this will be the only game we see Connor in?

Hooray…the lame ass hosts are back out….They’re bantering and suck…and now they’re talking about some “eSports” a new title called Shootmania. I wish they’d shut up…..seriously. They’re bringing out some people I’m supposed to care about. “Pro Gamers”
The game is still in alpha stage….Its a pretty fast paced game. I’m really not sure what to say about it. looks neat. You can register for the Beta right now.

Yay …lame hosts again…

Ubisoft Worlds Online is a way to try some of the best games they have to offer right in your internet browser.

Yves Guillermont is out and about to show off a new title.
Been in development for 2yrs now. Seems this is going to be a pretty sweet Conspiracy Theory title.

The game is called Watch Dogs – we get to control a vast global network in this game. We get a peek at it right now. WOW! this looks sharp. The player is controlling walking down a street in chicago.Seems he has some tools that he can use to create a temporary EMP of sorts. He also has the ability to hack people and to listen in on cell phone calls and see what they do on their computers. He also beats the snot out of people and uses gums. The graphics look stunning . This game is going to be HUGE!

So refreshing to see a new title.

They’re wrapping it all up.