Its that time of year again folks. It’s Christmas for Gamers. E3 kicks off today and I’ll be live blogging the MS Event here startingt at 12:30

Here we go

We’re watching a USNC/Halo live action trailer
We see Master Chief now. he and Cortana are discussing….Now we get some actual in game footage,.

That game looks sweet. Chief even has a new IR option
Mr.Mattrick is up now.
He says that Xbox is #1 globally now and talks some about the experience of owning an Xbox

New video of someone in the middle east carrying a body. We can’t see the main characters face.
He puts bullets into a few heads and is now beating the crap out of someone. It’s a Ubisoft game. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Now we get to see Sam and some in game footage. he’s just as bad ass as ever.
Wow this game looks amazing. Some pretty amazing executions in this.
Kinect is being used to call a bad guy over to his area. looks very cool.
Kinect voice control seems to be an integral component to this title.
AHAHAHAH!!! Sam was told to keep the terrorist leader – Kills him and then says that the dude killed himself. Awesome.
Shipping Spring 2013

EA Sports Head is up.
Madden and Fifa are going to support Kinect. In Fifa you can call out sub stitutions, or call out changes to your game like a coach.
AHAHAH! The Dude called a ref a shithead or something and was given a flag.

Madden – Joe Montana is out to show off Madden
My favorite player ever. he’s playing the game and making some pre-snap calls. very cool.
Calls for a hurry up offense, changes the play on the fly with his voice and calls for the snap.
I like that actually. That’s awesome.

New fable: The Journey video.
I dunno dude….The guy in the commercial is using his hands to cast spells…

Phil Spencer is out now
He’s talkign about all the great people and companies making games. A new Action Racing game…YAAAWWWWWN!
New trailer to the next Gears of War game

Nickleodeon, Paramount, Machinima are a few of the new entertainment companies that will be coming to Xbox
Now he’s talking about Sports on Xbox. More sports coming – NBA :League Pass(Lame), HHL Gamecenter – BOOYA! The choice of home or away commentary, ESPN is getting bigger and better – 24hrs programming.
A new Xbox Music service is coming to Windows PCs, Xbox and Windows 8 phones

Now they’re announcing the future of fitness with Xbox and Kinect.
VP of Digital Sport at Nike is coming out now and talking about how they serve athletes. A little about the history of Nike.
he’s now talking about all kinds of things they’ve developed to help athletes. Nike + Kinect training.
It gives real time feedback to the user. It will even remind you on your phone and then it reassess your progress every 4 weeks. Brining the user together with other people tio help push them to achieve their goals.
This Holiday Season

Head of Xbox Live is out now
talking about smart devices. Xbox Smart Glass
This is going to go across iDevices, Windows, Windows phone and Android cells phones. very cool. While watching a movie, you can pause it and pick up where you left off on another device. It will even allow for you to get interesting tidbits of the show on one of the other devices. He’s using a Game of Thrones as a demo. While watching an episode, his tablet showed a map of where the evens were taking place inthe world…cool

Smart glass looks like it’s going to be supported in Halo 4 and Madden according to this video. I’m digging what smartglass is all about. no joke. can even use your phone as a remote controller for the xbox dash…IE for Xbox. Now we can all watch web porn on our xbox – HUZAWW! Find a websitre you wanna see, use your phone or smart device to navigate the page. i like it.
Smart Glass is coming this Fall.

Crystal Dynamics is coming out now. Looksl ike we’ll see some new content from the new Tomb raider game. Lara is picking off some bad guys with a bow and arrow. This game looks absolutely phenomenal.
After some gun play and killing some bad dudes, she’s in a raging river dodging obstacles and shooting at others. off the side of the waterfall she goes and opens up a chute. Thsi girl is getting her ass kicked something fierce. The first piece of DLC is Xbox exclusive

Phil is back out now.
3 World Premiere Exclusives – Ascend – New gods. from the people who made toy soldiers. Looks pretty violent…feels a little like God of War.
Anther new title…Loco Cycle from twisted Pixel and something from Gore Verbinski…called Matter.

Resident Evil 6 is getting some screen time now. Leon is carrying Clair…looks to me like we get normal zombies now. Showing off some in game action and it does look really good. Mayhaps I’ll be back  into the series cause 4 and 5 sucked. The action in that game looks awesome and very much like what Resident Evil should be.

Xbox live team is out. Showing off Wrecketeer where she uses Kinect to fire off a massive slingshot to destroy castles. Looks pretty fun. Coming this summer.

AHH NICE!!! The New South park Game is being shown now. This looks like an interactive episode of the show and I am ALL over it.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone talking about all the work thats gone into making the game. They seem super excited and jacked up.

A new harmonix game….Dance central 3. Usher is performing his new single….sighh….I could have done without this.

Don Mattrick is back…He’s wrapping it up with Black Ops 2-  Looks soo good. We’re getting a peek at the beginning of the game. They’re trying to get the female president to a safe place and being attacked. This looks like quite the scary future. Looks like some pretty sweet concrete busting ammo. (please get rid of the quick scoping in multiplayer). The level they’re showing off looks alot like Arkaden from MW3. An entire building just came down and the dust is everywhere. ..and now dude is climbing into a jet that the player is actually controlling.

All done…No real big shocks there. Looks like we will be waiting until next year for news of the new system afterall.

Check back later for the other Live Blogs for the other big press events.