A mysterious group of Gamers known only as the Misters are setting up to give gamers an early Christmas gift this month, but only if you act soon, with a $50 discount on the PlayStation Vita…

How does the deal work?

Players need to register and solve gaming related puzzles to level up and unlock perk codes. After successfully unlocking four out of six codes from the gregarious gaming portal, http://www.tsilon.ca, players are then to complete a series of gaming related tests. Upon achieving a Level 10 or higher, users are then able to “unlock” the MEMBERS area to reveal amazing perks, challenges and unlocked media.

Still don’t have your attention? Try this on for size… the details of PS Vita perk:
– Get the PS Vita for $199.99 Save $50 compared to anywhere else. GLIST Membership has its benefits.
– Time Frame: May 11 – May 31.
– LIMITED NUMBER OF CODES AVAILABLE – first come, first served.

Good luck!