Pirates of The Caribbean: Master of the Seas

Set sail behind the wheel of your own ship as you begin your adventure to become the Master of the Seas. As the Captain it’s your duty to explore the islands of the Caribbean facing many of the characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies like; Blackbeard and his zombies, The French, Spanish and English fleets. For those lucky enough Jack Sparrow will make an appearance during your time at sea… Ok ok he makes an appearance for everyone.

Earning experience, coin and gems all are in a days work for these pirates. Following a series of quests from island to island will see a modest progress of coin and weapons filling the holds of your ships. Added to these are properties that can be acquired for a modest amount, or the more expensive Gem mines for those eager to get bonus upgrades for your crew.

In the early stages of the game you will find that more experienced pirates will make easy prey of your ship but fear not as you acquire more crew (friends) and access to better cannons, weapons and protection you will soon become the one looking down the scope at the juicy pickings of those less fortunate – A pirates life is a hard life you have to earn your place on the seas. I recommend you find as many friends playing this title as you can for a rapid progression towards dominance of the Caribbean.

Download the game here and should you not have any friends playing feel free to add my friend Code: E6L0Y8 for a small boost – Do this under Options (Bottom right – Wrench), then select Promo Code.


  • The price is right – it’s freemium model, with optional payments for quicker progression.
  • It’s a Disney game so it’s safe for all ages
  • Who doesn’t love pirates – except ninjas that is 😉


  • Gems are slow to acquire if you do not pay
  • Can’t actually play as Jack Sparrow!

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