Sunday marks the last day of PAX where tired legs roam the show floor for the last time. Queue’s are generally the shortest on Sunday as well. It’s the last chance for 60 thousand people to see the games, play a tabletop game and most importantly the single reason we all go to PAX is to see our friends.
My Sunday plan off attack was to give the show floor a final walking and checkout Trails Evolution, Gunnar Optiks, The Witcher 2, Minecraft. I also watched people play Max Payne, Borderlands 2, Ghost Recon Future Solider which looked really good but I really didn’t want to spend my last day queuing for hours.

The first game I played was Trails and if you played the original Trails you’ll love this. The demo I got was a 3 player verus race on the same screen. The race consisted of 7 heats with points associated for winning each race but you lose points for crashes. If you somehow manage to crash which you will you’ll be automatically placed at the next checkpoint. You’ll respawn and start driving as soon as the last player goes through the checkpoint.

Next up I wandered to the Gunnar Optiks booth where I booked up a pair of the MLG Phantom Neptune glasses.

I left the show around 3pm, wandered around Boston for a bit, went bowling and called it a night.

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