The day started with a long brisk walk from our hotel to the convention centre in which we were fueled by Dunkin Donuts.

Shortly after arriving at the convention centre I got in line for the Epic Games: Past, Present and Future panel hosted by Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski – President Mike Capps. Epic and Mike answered 10 questions from the community as well as a question and answer period at the end of the panel. The best part of this panel was this young lady asked a question when we will we see Gears of War on the Playstation. Cliff immediately said, Should I troll this? in which he did by going on to say when the Dual Shock controller doesn’t suck.

Next up we hit the show floor as we had a few hours to kill and we over to the Robot Entertainment booth to see @Six Okay – Justin Korthof and get a hands on demo of Orcs must Die 2 which was recently announced for the PC. There was a single player and co-op demo going on. Courtney and I got a chance to team up and kill some Orcs in the new co-op mode. The maps are two or three times the size of the original game and feature a new character. Our tactic was simple she would kill everyone and I would manage the tower defense portion by laying all the traps and such. After 7 waves of enemies and a few good laughs this was easily my favorite game of the show.

We had to queue up about a good 2 hours before the Major Nelson Podcast since Felica Day was guest staring on the show but I was excited to see Stepto join the show but there was no mention of puppy talk. If you’ve listened to the show before you know what to expect from this panel which is a lot of laughs. It was good to see the cast I listen too every week.

After the show was over the exhibit floor was closed we headed back to our hotel relax, eat dinner, find @ubersully some clothes at the mall and I went back to try and get into the Giant Bomb podcast but failed which kind of bummed me out a lot.