Man I didn’t eat to get out of bed today, this damn hotel bad was super comfy. Anyways, why is it so hard to find a breakfast joint in Boston. Where do the locals eat breakfast? What do Boston folk each breakfast? This adventurous journey lead us through various parts of Boston like Chinatown. Finally, we arrived at the convention centre ready to set it and make new memories with my best friend, friends and new friends. After getting I’m we headed right to the show floor and I bolted for the Astro Gaming booth where I finally purchased the wireless mix amp for my A40′s. Next up we walked over to the official PAX merchandise booth to pick up some t shirts, an hour later we were finally done a d ready to explore the show floor.

Our plan of attack for today was to walk around and figure out what was at the show and figure out what we wanted to see. We walked around for hours.

The first panel we decided to check out was an An Uncharted 3 Story: The Chateau, Creation to Ashes which went through the process on how Naughty Dog created the level. The panel was hosted by Justin Richmondc, Game Director, Eric Schatz, Game Designer, and Arne Meyers Community Strategist. The concept for this panel was to walk us through from concept to final product how they created the level. It was very interesting to see how they’ll place a headless drake (more later on this) in a level with cubes and objects to see how there initial concept pans out once in the Uncharted universe. Often times a really cool idea will be made into the game at this stage and get cut because it just isn’t working. They do this they don’t want to invest art assets into something that just isn’t going to work. For example the sequence where you climb down a well actually started as the player climbing out of the well. Another interesting tie bit was when Sully and Drake were running up the stairs that’s actually the same set of stairs used but with the scripting in place it allows each stair case to fire a different mechanic thus providing the player with one hell of an adventure. After the designed the level they didn’t know how to end it and they walked us through the various prototypes they came up with. One was a sequence they Drake and Sully climb up a tower, fight some badass’s and jump into a helicopter and escape. The art assets and time they had didn’t allow for this kind of ending so what they decided to do was have the roof of château collapse and have the player escape it by jumping off and not a pole, slide down and escape it.

That was it for the day just a lot of relaxing after that.