Editor’s Note: This is actually a fitting post as we’ve been a little quiet around here lately, due to some thing beyond my control I’ve had to limit my writing time… I’m trying to correct that though

Coming soon to the Xbox live Arcade a New Post-Apocalypse Survival title from Ubisoft – I AM ALIVE!

Moving away from zombies and mutants (Huzza!) and into a story that will force players to consider the actions taken against other survivors and supply management in the harsh lands of a dying city. Using your brains as much as the equipment you are carrying will be the key to surviving and reaching your ultimate goal – finding your family. Players will be faced with situations requiring you to intimidate others, bluff their way out of a tough spot, or event take a physical approach to the other inhabitants in the city of Haventon.


Think you have what it takes to survive? Find out on March 7, 2012. I Am Alive will be available for download for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Screen Shots: