Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack

In a way I’m sad to write this review, knowing that after the final moments in Gears of war 3 the Franchise will be forever changed. We fought hard people and paid a dear price, but in the end – brothers stood shoulder to shoulder and took on the challenge instead of rolling over and giving up all hope.

In the time between Gears 2 and Gears 3 a number of major events occurred in the world of the COG – many of which are hinted at during game play, but are detailed in the book Gears of War: Coalition’s End. If you haven’t read this book I’d recommend you head over to your local book store, or click the link and get it delivered, and pick up this book to fill in the missing details.

Putting aside gameplay for now, it’s the 3rd game and gameplay hasn’t changed from the first two, I’ll instead focus on the story-line (no spoilers promise) of Gears 3. Humanity is facing it’s darkest days and both the COG and the Locust have their hands full of with the Lambent right from the start of the game. Delta squad is once again called upon to face odds of epic proportions right from the start of the game.

Taking on the entire might of the horde is one thing, but adding in the explosive Lambent to this struggle for Humanity adds a new level of intensity to this story. New mutations, new tactics and new locations will draw players in, chew them up and spit them out on the other side. Adding in additional support for up to four players in co-op and competitive points co-op brings the comradeship of Delta Squad and the COG to life. While I believe the point system in the competitive co-op is a silly gimmick, and an unnecessary addition, finding a open game to join never seems to be a problem.

Players will also be introduced to a few new weapons, most notable include the Retro Lancer (with a giant Bayonet), the Digger (an underground popup bomb) and the one shot – one kill sniper rifle with an explosive kick. New turits, new shotguns and the new two person Vulocan Cannon will also be found along your journeys, but I’ll let you introduce yourself to these fun toys of destruction.

The voice acting and writing are both fantastic, including dialog from veteran voice actors like John DiMaggio (Marcus), Lester Speight (Cole), Fred Tatasciore (Baird), and Carlos Ferro (Dom). You will also encounter long time fan of the Gears series, Ice-T (Griffin) an unlockable multiplayer character and in game bad ass.

Taking players across the entire length of Sera by Sea, Land and air you will encounter a number of old friends and familiar locations, like Cole’s home town and place of worship – the Thrashball Stadium, and the famous Anvil Gate – a refuge for the last of the displaced citizens of the COG.

New multiplayer modes also enhance this title adding in game modes that allow players to take the roll of the Horde and attack waves of COG soldiers and heroes, play vs matches as either COG or Horde and the return of Horde mode for grinding out levels and kills. With new maps and a few throwbacks, plus the promise of future DLC, hours of game play are just waiting for you to plugin and log on.

Feed Your Console gives Gears of War 3: 9 out of 10.


  • Epic story line, providing many conclusions to series spanning story lines
  • Fun new weapons
  • Voice acting is top notch
  • Multiplayer game play and DLC extends the value and fun


  • Point system in the competitive co-op is a silly gimmick
  • It’s the last one in the series – all good things have to end