It’s kind of fitting to review an iOS game tonight on the eve of the day that the Man responsible for bring mobile to the masses passes on from this world. We will miss you Steve Jobs, Thank you for all you brought to technology.

Where’s My Water features Disney’s original Game character, Swampy the Alligator.

Disney adventures into the sewers with this highly addictive and gameplay offering up all the rewards that gamers look for, a fun yet challenging progression of levels, Achievements for progression and speed, hidden/locked levels and a fun character for players to assist.

Players are faced with progressive difficulties as they move water from a fixed location, or pipe, into Swampy’s bathtub while manipulating the water flow to collect rubber duckies while building pathways through the soil while avoiding objects like exploding bombs, poison and swamp ooze while digging around for hidden collectibles. Beware the Poison kills the duckies preventing you from getting full points in the round.

Providing all around fun with Swampy and his duckies in the bath for the low price of 99c you can’t go wrong, especially if your tired of flying birds and silly pigs.


  • Fun, easy to pick up and appropriate for all ages


  • Nothing really wrong

Feed Your Console gives Where’s My Water 9 out of 10.