On September 28th, James and I headed over to Spice Route to get a pre-view of the Warner Brothers fall line up. Let me tell you WB puts on a good event – with a Gibbon from the Bowmanville Zoo, Tai Massage, Superhero panted models, Video game demos and more movies than you can save to your 2TB hard drive.

Super Girl

During the nights events the big hits for us included: Batman Archam City, DC Universe: Batman Year One, Doctor Who (Multiple releases including Series Series 6), Mortal Kombat Legacy, Harry Potter (Years 1 through 7), Neverwhere and Torchwood.

A Harry Potter display was also present at the event showcasing items like the Sorting hat, a Quidditch broom and the wands of many the most popular characters (photo’s below) including; Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, and Lord Vuldamort.

The news of the night started with an introduction to WB’s Digital Locker – Ultra Violet – a service that will allow users to access a digital copy of any movie that they have purchased via the cloud as soon as they have purchased the content. Imagine leaving the store with your Blu-ray in hand and starting to stream your video directly to your phone or tablet just minutes later. Then we were treated to a number of trailers and video spots for Warner’s most popular Television series and movies coming to stores everywhere this fall.

Other Notable release coming this fall:

  • Charlie and the Chocolate factory: 40th Anniversary edition. Including booklets, production notes and photos. This comes with everything short of your own Oompa Loompa.
  • Smallville – Full Series on Blu-ray, over 192 hours of content, includes 5 hours of never before seen footage including a Superboy pilot from 1961, an Aquaman pilot and a replica Print version of the Daily Planet.
  • Final Destination 5 – Add this to the the ever increasingly inappropriately named franchise list .
  • Doctor Who series including: Colony in Space, The Complete David Tennant Years, The Talons of Weng-Chiang Special Edition, The Complete Sixth Series
  • Last but not least The Hang Over 2, not only the theme of the night but likely the experience of many of the attendees the next day as well.