Editors note: After taking the summer off we are back and kicking. Looks like we are also transitioning right back into the Survivor spirit with a new season… here is what our Survivor expert has to say.

Survivor 23 South Pacific

23rd Season of Survivor! That is right…do you feel old, because I don’t.

What is there still to do twenty-three seasons later. Well we know a couple veterans are back. Ozzy and Coach! Here are my thoughts. I do think it will be a little like the last season with Russell and Rob. The rookies are vigorously going to try to get rid of one or both. I do not think the rookies have the balls though. They had to have learned something from the last season right? Oh and how can I forget Russell’s nephew is in this season competing. Is he half the man that Russell was…No way! He just looks so sweet from the few clips I saw of him. I am sure you agree.

What I do know is that this season will be a good one, and the twists will also probably be like none other. It is time we rejoice Survivor fans! Finally some quality TV to watch again.

Survivor 23 South Pacific cast

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