Let’s start with Kinect Sports Season 2 where I had the chance to checkout the new football and golf games. Football was very glitchy however since it’s not a full retail game I won’t hold that against it. You are presented with a variety of plays using your hand you motion to select one. Once you’ve called your play it’s time to be the quarterback you can say the words “hike” or stand up and the ball is snapped and than you can toss it down field to your receiver after catching the ball it’s time to move those legs and get on down field. Kinect Sports golf is entirely based on the movement of your hands mimicking a golf swing (I still think it needs some sort of attachment) and we are able to play 1 hole on a choice of 2 different courses. Moving your body right and left allows you to line up your shot and than once your ready swing your back and forward and watch the ball fly down the fairway! Putting wasn’t that difficult just line up and make a good stroke. I had a blast playing Kinect Sports Season 2 and I can’t wait for the game to launch.

The next Kinect game I want to talk about is Kinect Star Wars which was one display and all I wanted to due was go pod racing. You use your hands to control the pod racer and a push of the hands forward allows you to add some turbo thrust to go a bit quicker. There seemed to be plenty of aim assist on and sometimes it felt like I wasn’t actually controlling the pod racer. I hope the level of assist can be turned down during the final retail build.

The following trailer I grabbed from Gamespy show’s most of the demo I played of Mass Effect 3. Word’s can’t describe the beauty, fun, smile and erection I had while playing this demo. By far the the best thing I saw at X11. It was very shooter focused in this demo but I didn’t mind as I was trying to save one of the few women Krogan’s left in the world.

Trials Evolution was one of those XBLA game’s that had no line up and I just squatted there until I was kicked off by the gentlemen handling the arcade area. Trails is fun, looked great, new courses, I had a blast and a huge grin on my face. If you loved the first one, you already know your buying this so there is no reason to sell you on it.

I also got to see Assassin’s Creed Revelations this was a hand’s off demo where we see a very old Ezio leave Italy to seek out Altair’s secrets. He’s hunting for five keys that allow Ezio to travel back through time to relive memories of Altair. We were also shown the new bomb crafting system which is accessed at various stations around the city. You can create bombs in three categories lethal, tactical and diversion. Bombs are built by combining a shell material, a gunpowder material, and an “effect” material.