Having some hands on time with this game at a couple of recent events I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive the new features and the game play for Driver San Francisco are. Having never played any of the previous Driver games, I’m actually not a fan of driving games, I was shocked at how well the Cars handled and how easy some of the new game play features made this a game I’m actually looking forward to getting my hands on.

The detail that the Ubisoft team put into this game is incredible. Using similar techniques to the city mapping, like in Assassins Creed, you’ll drive around a fully scaled digital representation of San Francisco, and if your at all familiar with the city you’ll be able to visits all your favourite landmarks. I’d tell you more but there are a couple (more qualified) people in the videos below that can share the secrets of Driver with you all… Enjoy!

Dev Diary 1:

Dev Diary 2:

Dev Diary 3:

Driver San Francisco available September 2nd everywhere.