This game is a PSP Mini just out; I can’t put my PSP down since downloading it and now my kids wanna play!
The game Carnivores is a graphically rich environment full of the sounds and little creatures you would expect to see and hear while on Safari hunting dinosaurs. You must start small and prove yourself a master hunter of all the different parks to travel through, but once you have earned enough trophies you will be ready for the ultimate challenge of hunting the greatest dinosaur of them all: T – Rex, King of all Dinosaurs.

The games controls are a little to get used to but once you catch the hang of it you will really soar to new heights’ while combining all of your hunter instincts to survive. The 3D world is breath taking and the game plays just like the other Big Game hunt types, a good game overall for just having some fun.

I would rate this game a two thumbs up due to the nature of the game, I myself love hunting stuff! And for all the animal activist out there you can even hunt in a more humane fashion by using non-lethal means, but you earn less points.

Carnivores is action-packed game and full of excitement with breath-taking scenes that will keep you jumping out of your seat, even if you are a “seasoned hunter”.

Keep an eye out for Carnivores: Ice Age ($3.99) coming to a PSP near you on August 31, 2011.