Future Shop recently sent over a new list of upcoming pre-order bonus items for some of the hottest games coming to shelves this fall season. Honestly the best of the all seems to be the exclusive Batman case… Skip to the bottom and check out the Steelbook casing that comes along with your pre-order.

      1. FIFA 2012: Pre-order customers of FIFA 2012 receive one month subscription service to MLS Match Day Live. A $10 value. Releases September 27.
      2. Dark Souls: Free upgrades to the Collector’s Edition for all pre-order customers. The Collector’s Edition includes a limited edition metal case, mini strategy guide, art book and bonus digital download features. Releases October 4.
      3. Batman Arkham City (exclusive to Future Shop): pre-order at Future Shop and receive a Steelbook only available through Future Shop and in-game Dark Knight costume as originally drawn by comic book icon Frank Miller. Available in limited quantities. Arkham City releases October 18.
      4. WWE 12: Receive The Rock as a playable in-game character free when you pre-order WWE 12. Launching November 22.
      5. SSX: Launching New Year’s Eve, pre-order customers of this title receive Zoe Payne’s Elite snowboard and bonus boost.