Recently I attended the Future Shop fall entertainment preview for Future Shop’s electronics staff, and a few special media members, down at the Toronto Westin Harbour Castle. Game developers Ubisoft, Disney Interactive and Activision/Blizzard were in the house along with the Xbox Kinect and PlayStation Crews showing off the latest titles coming your way.

My first stop took us to the Ubisoft booth, where game demos for the latest Raymond, Driver San Francisco, Just Dance 3 and PowerUp Heroes. Remembering their roots Ubisoft is bringing back the franchise that started it all – Raymond, a fun and traditional platformer made for two. If you loved the old Raymond titles, your not going to want to miss this one. Driver surprised me, by taking a traditional experience and changing it up… mission based driving ,where the missions change based on your current car (high speed chases in the police car, and cab fare missions in taxis) bus or truck. Just between cars in free play mode to experience an extremely detailed San Francisco in a whole new way. Just Dance 3 brings the sexy back (did I really just say that?) with the all night party game. Hot new tracks, and multi-player support will have this in your party rotating right next to Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Sing Star.

Driver: San Francisco –

Disney Interactive brought along their latest title ‘Disney Universe’, a platformer that walks you through the numerous Disney franchises like Alice in Wonderland, and Monsters Inc. This four player co-op offers team based challenges and puzzles that will vary in difficulty based on the number of players in the game. Fun for the whole family.

Disney Universe:

Activision/Blizzard treated us to Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012. With our rifles blasting – the bears, geese, and deer never stood a chance. Also on tap was the newest in the Spyro the Dragon series, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. Combining 32 miniature figures, a cage match fighting arena and the traditional gem collecting game we have all loved for the last 13 years. The highly detailed action figures will be worth it for those that collect miniatures.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012:

Last up was the Intech booth, where gaming accessories galore were piled high. From steering wheels, to HDMI cables – colour coded for for easy adaptability and console integration identification (green for xbox, red for PlayStation and white/blue for the Wii). I was were also introduced to the iCade, a classic looking micro-arcade for your iPad. A $99 accessory for your iPad that gives you a the retro gaming experience of over 100 Atari classics; from Asteroids to Centipede. One Game Download included from the App store. I found this to be a little big (no room for this in my office) but I was assured a slimmed down and smaller version would be announced soon – offering the space savings I will require to add this to my collection.