Hummm what’s that! A Mystery package in the mail?! Let’s take a look at what’s inside…

Mystery Package

Do or Die…

Do or Die

Opening it up we find a personal survival kit… is it the Zombie Apocalypse already? I thought that was scheduled for November, just after the Rapture.
Lets See What's Inside?

What do we find inside; Flashlight and battery, whistle and compass, Rain poncho, Band-aides, hand warmers, thermal blanket, a candle with matches and a self heating hand warmer.
That's a lot of stuff

The details…
What it's all about

Microsoft Canada is sending three people to remote location with only a Windows 7 laptop, a windows phone and one other friend. Final selections are happening now go help with the selections and follow the adventures by visiting

Think you have what it takes to survive this kind of adventure? go to and take the test… Do you have what it takes to survive?!