Well another season (#22) on Survivor comes to an end and we have a newly crowned Sole Survivor – After four tries “Boston” Rob Mariano is finally the Big money winner. Taking top spot over Former Special Agent (?) Sheppard, and Survivor’s youngest player Natalie.

Also in a not so surprising announcement Matt and Rob went head to head for Sprints People’s Choice player with Boston Rob coming out on top of a very close voting tally (Rob – 40%, Matt – 36%, others – 24%).

Congrats to Boston Rob – winner of $1.1 M in Survivor 21 “Redemption Island”.

Also another Survivor benchmark – relationship number 4 springs to life with Dave blindsiding former Survivor Carolina Eastwood, of season 18 “Survivor Tocantins” (2009), with a surprise proposal (and an assist from Jeff). I think that is a better record than the Bachelor and Bachelorette put together!

Stay tuned for the upcoming 23rd Season “Survivor: South Pacific”, based in Upolu, Samoa. The Redemption Island game style looks to be here to stay and will be returning to the next season.