Mobile Movie Minute 173 cruises the streets in a Lincoln as the best business is always conducted from the back seat of a large car. True or what? Remember drive-in theatres? Wouldn’t a Lincoln have been perfect? Yep – but not so much this overly predictable piece of Grisham-like telling of Michael Connelly’s bestseller.


Read the book or see the movie. Don’t do both. Btw, if you don’t read the book, you should know that the mom was attacked by someone in the film. Guess who? The answer is in the book – not the movie. Good cast, Matthew McConaughey is fun but Marisa Tomei looks old and Ryan Phillippe is not believable. William H. Macy (what’s the H. stand for anyway?) is terrific. 2.75 bags of where’s-Perry-Mason-when-we-need-him popcorn.

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