The Reds are coming! No I don’t mean the ruskies – I’m talking about the Korean People’s Army landing on American soils and Xbox 360, PS3 and PCs everywhere.

Written by John Milius, co-writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn (special nod to both those titles cast throughout the game – GO WOLVERINES!!!), Homefront takes place in the not so distant future after the Koreas have united and amassed a powerful allied force with a full on Nuclear arsenal.

The plausibility of the events that take place in Homefront almost made me a little uneasy which is probably why I really enjoyed the story. Being deeply rooted in a more modern and “speculative future”, Homefront hits home in more than 1 way. More recently with the issues in Japan I found it eerie that one of the collectibles I found said “After the destruction of one its nuclear facilities by Korean special forces, Japan surrenders to the Greater Korean Republic”. Not exactly what’s going on but still creepy right?

Another scene that I know will get to some people actually takes place right at the very beginning when the game protagonist is on a bus being taken away and we get the first real glimpse of what Korea has done to the US as they herd prisoners into concentration camps and execute people right in the middle of the street.

The environments look sharp despite some graphical glitches I came across during my war. I was literally running through a White Castle restaurant. Seeing iconic retail and restaurant chains in ruins in the middle of a warzone was truly something to experience. Some of the animations are a little rough around the edges (Grenade tossing looks BRUTAL) but the battles are awesome. I loved the Helicopter level and the level that had me running through a burning TigerDirect store.

The control scheme is pretty well identical to Call of Duty but I found it to be sluggish and less accurate which will pose some problem to those of you (myself included) during a large scale gun fight.

I haven’t had as much time to spend with the multiplayer as I’d like (thanks in part to the story that kept me playing Campaign, life, work and poor internet connectivity in recent days) but will be posting an amendment to the review you are now reading. I do know that the multiplayer levels take place prior to the events in the game.

Homefront is going to get many comparisons to Red Dawn but seriously people, that’s not a bad thing. Check that movie out because it’s a classic tale of survival during the time of the Cold War and watch out for the remake hitting theaters later this year. All in all I would say that despite some technical issues, Homefront was an enjoyable experience. I look forward to seeing where this games takes us in the future.


  • Story
  • Epic Battle Scenes
  • Environments


  • Sluggish Controls
  • Graphical and technical glitches

Feed your Console gives Homefront 8 out of 10