Mobile Movie 172 finds Staff Sergeant Aaron Eckhart seemingly winning the war in LA all by himself. Well, almost. He has a band of marine roustabouts that need him to survive, but that’s it. And guts. He has a lot of guts. He’s likely the bravest marine ever to grace the silver screen. John Wayne? We don’t think so.


2.8 bags of very-heavy-alien-metal for this wait for the video game flick. I shouldn’t be so harsh – we do get a good glimpse of yucky alien innards. And Michelle Rodriguez. Who else?

The Mobile Movie Minute Archives are freakin’ unbelievable.

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  1. So it’s seeming this movie isn’t as good as I had hoped it would be, but at least better than Skyline. However, I do think it should make for a decent popcorn flick and I’ll eventually get around to seeing it. May have to just wait till it hits DVD though.

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