Today’s WTF Moment in Canadian TV – Rotisserie TV Coming to Rogers

You know those nice channels that some cable and satellite providers launch every year that coincide with the seasons/holiday? The wonderful fireplace channel at Christmas time, The aquarium channel for when you’re entertaining people or even the sunset channel for those rainy/snowy days. Now when you feel that little hunger pang after a night of […]

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Official Trailer

Fresh of the presses (only about 300 views at time of posting) of the BethesdaSoftworks YouTube page the trailer for one of my most anticipated title of the year – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. For more details on the game, visit

Bad Teacher Trailer

Talk about Hot for Teacher – Cameron Diaz plays the ultimate slacker in this high school comedy. A teacher that drinks, gets high and is on a mission to get a free ride through life by landing the rich substitute (played by former boyfriend Justin Timberlake). With Jason Segal (Forgetting Sara Marshal), Phyllis Smith (The […]

5 Great Shows to be Unjustly Cancelled

As I watch in horror as one of my favorite TV series’ Fringe languishes in the “Friday Night Death Slot” I can’t help but recall some of the best shows to be unceremoniously canceled by some big show who actually thinks he/she knows better than everyone else. The 4400 – A show that I knew […]

Unknown – Or If Only It Had Stayed That Way!

Mobile Movie Minute 171 finds Liam Neeson lost on the streets of Berlin. Well, his memory is lost, sort of, but not his driving skills. That guy is a badass Bullitt. If you don’t get the reference, rent Bullitt with Steve McQueen. Best car chase scene ever. Bar none. In fact, here it is: […]