Danny Boyle is one hell of a director who just seems know how to invoke a wide array of feelings, isolation and desperation in the face of severe adversity (Sunshine is one of my all time favorite Sci-Fi movies). I knew the story of Aron Ralston’s survival and immediately thought that Danny Boyle was the perfect director to tell the story and boy was I right.

For those of you living under a rock, 127 Hours is the true story of a young Canyoneer who sets out on an adventure on his own and gets his arm trapped between the Canyon wall and a boulder. For the next 127 Hours he fights for survival and reflects back on his past, present and what could possibly become his future.

It wasn’t long before I knew that I was going to love this movie just because James Franco presents Aron Ralston as a very personable guy, albeit a little self absorbed, who is thrust into an extraordinary situation and the viewer just wants him to succeed. During his time trapped in the Canyon, he reflects back on previous events in his life. Some that he’s thankful for and others he regrets. During one particularly powerful scene, he pretends to be on a talk show and videotapes himself on his camcorder asking himself questions and answering them. During this time, we see and understand more about who Aron Ralston is and where his priorities in life were perhaps wrong (always return your mothers calls dude).

James Franco was absolutely incredible. I’ve never had any issue with him as an actor prior to this movie but he really showed me what he was all about and capable of. Well done Mister Franco – You’ve got yourself a new fan an I’ll now be looking forward to anything you do from here on out.

Not only did Danny Boyle masterfully convey a story of survival, but he also gave us a story about self realization that had me hooked from the very beginning. His representation coupled with the great performance by James Franco inspired, frightened and touched me all the same. A remarkable movie.

Check it Out!!!