How Do You Know if you should go see this movie? Do you like average romantic comedies? Do you like every movie staring Owen Wilson/Paul Rudd or Resse Witherspoon? If you said yes to these questions then this movie is your kind of thing.

Reese Witherspoon plays a female baseball star cut from the USA Womens baseball team – something a long time team player and winner like her character “Lisa” has never experienced before – who falls for Owen Wilson’s Pro Baseball Pitcher character Matty. In a somewhat stereotypical dumb-jock role Wilson stumbles through this relationship like a bull in a china shop, while Witherspoon deals with her insecurities and planning a future.

Paul Rudd, Charles, a high profile corporate type that gets into troubles with the financial regulators. After being sent home by the corporate Lawyer and his father George, Jack Nicholson, Rudd realizes that this is a life altering event and possibly the end of his career. Charles embarks on a journey of self-discovery and self-loathing while struggling with the changes and the unavailable Lisa.

I found the story to be somewhat depressing, watching people struggle with work issues, relationship issues and personal discovery made for a long painful experience interspersed with a few funny moments. Rudd and Wilson are much better suited for comedies and should leave the romantic flicks to others. With a week and predictable story line and a true lack of character development . So to ask you again How Do You Know if you should see this? Don’t, wait for it as a rental and save your popcorn money for something else.

Reviews in HD gives How Do You Know: 2.75 out of 5.


Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson and Owen Wilson