I loved Avatar and even rank it in my top 3 of all time movies so when I heard there would be 3 Disc collectors edition coming out this year, I knew I had to have this but I couldn’t wait that long so when the movie came out originally, I bought it on previously viewed DVD knowing full well I’d be getting the Collectors Edition (Thanks Santa).

This movie is the crown jewel in James Camerons career and any film buffs movie collection. It is the very definition of what makes BluRay so awesome and something I really enjoy.

There really is no quality loss from movie theater to home theater. Every hair and minor detail of this film is absolutely beautiful and there in full HD complete with stunning color.

Along with the crisp HD transfer, the collectors edition is complete 3 different versions of the movie and a slew of extras spanning across 3 discs. The Original Theatrical version, the recently theatrical re-release with 8 minutes of extra footage andthe Collectors Edition with 16 minutes of new footage embedded directly in the movie where Cameron intended it to be.

More movies need to do this because there’s nothing more annoying when buying special editions of movies that tout “Extra footage” only to see that it’s buried in some lame subsection of the extras menu and not directly in the movie.

In addition, we get an extra 67(ish) minutes of the movie that never made it past the cutting room floor and are by and large very rough and completely unfinished prefaced by an explanation of the stage of production we’re about to see and the background behind the scenes – No doubt we’ll see some form of Ultimate Collectors Special Edition at some point clocking in at 4hrs and personally, I think that’s a great idea and I’d gladly sign up for such an edition. Is that not enough? Check out the exhaustive behind the scenes and making of footage. It’s all incredibly interesting and entertaining.

This is a MUST BUY!!!