2010 is fast approaching the end and most shows on TV are in full on rerun mode. Below is a list of what I think are the best shows that aired in 2010. be aware that here may be some minor spoilers in the below list.

LOST: Season 6
I’m seriously missing LOST this season and some may question this but season 6 aired earlier this year. The final season had some great moments and like it or love it, I thought the ending was fitting and it actually moved me a little. It would have been nice to get some closure on a few of the outstanding mysteries but I feel the show went out in a great way.

Breaking Bad: Season 3
I’m new to Breaking Bad and started watching it post season 3. I admit that it took me a few episodes to get into it and I almost turned away but I’m really glad I kept with it. For those unfamiliar with the series, it follows a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and decided to get into the business of making the purest form of Meth. Season 3 was high octane and filled with a great deal of emotion as life changes for our protagonist.

Dexter: Season 5
Everyone’s favorite blood spatter analyst come serial killer is back and trying to deal with the loss of his wife. We got a glimpse of a vulnerable Dexter who breaks down during the 1st episode in what was such an emotionally charged episode it was almost difficult to watch. The actors (Michael C. hall in particular) really displayed just how versatile he can be. After season 4, I had low expectations for season 5 (how could I not) but I was pleasantly surprised that the quality didn’t suffer all that much.

The Walking Dead: Season 1
The 1st season showcasing one of the best comic series’ in years has finally come home courtesy of AMC. Sadly we were only treated to a short 6 episode inaugural season but what a wild ride it was. The writing was fantastic and the special effects were nothing short of spectacular. Hats of to Darabont and Gale Ann Hurd for assembling such an incredible crew and bug props to AMC for taking a chance on such a risky venture. They truly are the network to pay attention to.

Fringe: Season 3
The powers that be at Fox have decided to move Fringe to the “Friday Night Death Slot” when the show resumes in the new year – Those people are complete IDIOTS! Fringe is hands down the best Sci-Fi show on TV right now despite what those overpaid execs think. The show is so well written that it’s amazing they’ve managed to keep it from getting too confusing for people like me. Hopefully the writers have been given notice that the show is coming to an end because I’d really hate for the show to end on the typical Season Finale cliffhanger only to feel like I had the greatest session of foreplay with no finish. Maybe another network like AMC could buy the rights to this show and take it to new places since Fox has no idea what they really have here.

The Big Bang Theory: Season 4
For me this is the very best in Sitcoms today. Each and every one of the guys is absolutely hilarious. From using a robotic arm as a masturbatory aid to discussing the greatest superheros they all have great comedic timing. My only gripe with this season is the addition of a quasi girlfriend, played by Mayim Bialik(Blossom) for Jim Parsons stoic and socially akward Sheldon. While there have been some moments of great humor, Blossom just seems to be trying too hard to be the female counter-part to him and she just doesn’t work. Aside from that, the show rocks.

How I Met Your Mother: Season 6
Another sitcom I find to be incredibly entertaining and funny keeps taking me tuning in every week. I really want to know who Ted marries. The 2 best characters on the show are played by Jason Segel as Marshall and Neil Patrick Harris the womanizing suit wearing Barney. I can’t get enough of these 2 guys. Don’t get me wrong, the entire cast works really well I just love those guys.

True Blood: Season 3
Some say that True Blood’s 2nd season was a departure from what everyone fell in love (I’m not one of them – HELLO?!? Naked Anna Paquin. Need i say more?) then surely those naysayers loved Season 3. It was dark, bloody, sexy and well executed. What more can you want? It only left me hungry for Season 4.

South Park Season 14
Who could ever imagine that South Park would actually last 14 long seasons? The best thing about South Park is just how quickly Trey Parker and Matt Stone crank out episodes that poke fun at current events. They continually push the boundaries of TV while providing consistent side splitting scenarios for the residents of South Park Colorado. No one and no subject matter is safe and that;s what I love.