Well it’s over and the winners are in… If your on the West Coast and haven’t seen the winners yet – STOP now!

Heading into tonights show the final four headed to a grueling immunity challenge, stacking coins on the handle of a sword. Holy and Chase were out quickly leaving Sash as the sole member of their three person alliance, facing off against two time immunity winner Fabio. Holding on just seconds longer than Sash, Fabio ends up the big winner is a – go big or go home kinda way.

Fast forward to camp where the alliance quickly implodes on it self and Chase and Holly rat out Sash and his plan to boot Fabio in the case of of his loss. Sash however sings a different song – one where Fabio, Chase and Sash would have been Final Three is he had one.

Ultimately the Three boys band together to give Holly the final Jury seat, and the three advance to the finals. Tribal council was actually a major let down – not really any significant drama and no guaranteed promises of I will/wont be voting for [remaining contestant]. Most of the questions focused on the game play of Chase and Sash – with the odd interjection from Fabio least he be forgotten.

Jury votes come in with a close 4/5 vote in favour of Fabio over Chase – Sash ultimately ending up with zero votes.

Big Congrats to Fabio and his $1 Million game.