My good friend Robert over at the Mobile Movie Minute has a great movie review podcast, but alas one without a true home – just a Mevio site and an iTunes RSS feed… Poor thing.

That is where Reviews In HD comes in – we are happy to announce that as of today we are now the official partner/home of the Mobile Movie Minute.

Bookmark all the podcasts: Get reviews so fresh that they are recorded in the car on the way home from the movie – Fresh and Honest reviews, just they way you want them.

Don’t forget to leave Robert nasty comments about why you disagree with his reviews (those are his favorites), or be nice and leave him a “Thanks for saving me from seeing that AWFUL movie”.

Remember: Robert and his friend sit through it so you don’t have to.

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  1. And we’re glad to be here. Being out in the cold is no good – especially when we do our reviews from inside our car, in the middle of a Canadian winter!

    Our credo: Irreverent and opinionated movie reviews, recorded in a hot rod MINI, right after we’ve seen the movies. It doesn’t get more real than that. And after four years of an almost-weekly movie review podcast, we know a thing or two about movies. We’re no-holds-barred reviewers.

    Past shows:

    Mevio site:

    Comment away. Btw, I don’t give a crap about actors, hollywood or freakin’ People Magazine. Just good stories. Blow me away, or byte me.

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