Jump into the Animus and lets go for a trip down memory lane. Desmond and the gang return to the place that started it all for Ezio, Villa Auditore. In this duel world adventure giving players time in both the real word where Desmond can explore his ancestral home, a place you’ll immediately recognize and remember from Assassins Creed 2, and the place that Ezio spent so much time. Flash to the Digital world and join Ezio as he witness the death of his Uncle Mario at the hands of Cesare Borgia. Now the fun begins…

Several things have been improved in the latest instalment of the Italian Assassin’s Drama, the player controls are have a tighter feel while free running and you’ll find that Ezio spends way less time jumping from random rooftops to your death below. The number of weapons available for your use is the most obvious improvement to players. With the addition of new swords, hammers, fast poisons and the addition of the Crossbow.

Like the first two Creed games the the story line is very flexible in regards to a straight path to completion or the long road to rebuilding all of Rome and finding the secrets of the Lairs of Romulus (the Armour of Brutus). It’s defiantly worth the time trust me to go out and get all of these – this is the strongest armour in the game, but it’s not mandatory.

The single biggest improvement to the single player game is the rebuilding of the Assassin Brotherhood and the assistance player gain but taking the time to train your new recruits. As the influence of the Borgia is removed from Rome your ability to grow your assassin flock increases and the benefits begin to roll in. Don’t want to be seen by guards and raise your infamy levels, overwhelmed by too many guards – simply call for help and the brotherhood will even the odds. Assassin recruits can help the brotherhood in a number of different ways: 1 – assist with that pesky guard you can’t get close to without raising an alarm, or 2 – take on missions in other cities where they; plant misinformation; roughing up an official; or assassinate an important army captain, where they will gain experience and line your pockets with much needed gold and hard to find items. Items you can then trade for additional shop upgrades like; better weapons, new treasure maps and larger knife and ammo pouches (all things that are highly useful).

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood also introduces multi-player into a series that has been sorely missing out and has been crying to these games types for some time. Pitting players against each other in lone wolf hide and seek type game play with eight players, or team based objective matches. Play as one of the many characters you have already encountered in the single player story line including, but not limited to; the noble, the smuggler, and the doctor – CE players also have access to the Harlequin.

Where I have issue with the MP game play is the level differentiation for new level 1 characters, with no upgrades or special weapons, may end up facing off against a level 50 character with every trick in the assassin handbook. This tips the game play in favour of the more advance characters, adding a level differentiation cap of a couple levels would improve these games and the enjoyment for all players in them. Additionally the inclusion of a multiplayer story would be a fantastic win for any future AC properties.


  • Another Great storyline
  • Tighter controls and less frustrations with free run
  • New Armour, Weapons and Assassin Trainees
  • Multi-player – Finally


  • No storyline MP
  • MP level differences cause unfair game play opportunities

Feed Your Console gives Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: 9 out of 10.