The next chapter in the Starcraft 2 series “Heart of the Swarm” isn’t due out until sometime in 2012 but that doesn’t mean you can’t get an see how it might end. Yesterday, the web was set on fire with the “leaked video” that is supposedly tied to the next chapter. The video is still in a very unfinished state and Blizzard refuses to comment but me thinks that someone is in big trouble for this one. I haven’t watched it, nor will I watch it but I do know that many of you out there will want to see this…

That being said, I’m wrestling with the idea of posting the video for all of you who don’t care about the spoilers. I don’t want to piss off Activision or Blizzard, but in the same breath this is something the people will probably want to see….

What do you guys think? I’ll accept suggestions until after lunch which is when I’ll make my decision.


Seems this is the real deal as Activision has been busting ass all over the place to bring this bad boy down. For the time being, here’s a link to Kotaku’s site where they still have the video posted. Don’t worry though. I still have one somewhere should I need it.