New Guilty pleasure alert and it’s called Storage Wars. After watching the previews for the last week I was so intrigued at what I would find contained within the Series Premier, much like the character’s in the show. With two episodes back to back tonight I’m in Junk heaven.

With characters like these guys, who obviously know each other and have a healthy rivalry, fireworks are bound to happen. From driving up bids to, to name calling you are not going to want to see if the highest bidder gets a dream find or a box of mouldy old clothing.

The rules for Storage War auctions are simple:

  • Cash only sales
  • 5 minutes to inspect
  • Cannot go in the unit cannot touch items
  • Highest bidder no refunds

Makes the pockets itch to look up a local listing an go find some treasures in someone elses junk.

This is a definite watch if your a reality TV junkie, I know it’s getting added to the PVR lineup in my house.