Review – Call of Duty: Black Ops

The Call of Duty franchise is the very “Defacto standard” by which all war games are measured up to and strive to emulate. None have ever been able to reach the level of praise and distinction that the Call of Duty name has associated with it. In what seems to be an annual series release […]

Review – The Walking Dead: “Guts”

Well I can’t honestly say that I was awake for this episode on Sunday night but I was more than a little anxious to get home last night to watch it after my daughter went to bed. Following along with our “No Spoiler” policy, I’ll do my best to avoid anything major on anyone who […]

Meridian 4 Brings The Scare

Montreal publisher Meridian 4 continues to roll out PC titles, adding two new titles to their already impressive downloadable library with; Scratches (Director’s Cut) and Rhiannon – Curse of the Four Branches (Premium Edition). Two new First-person point-and-click adventures with a supernatural twist. Scratches explores the inner psyche of author Michael Arthate as he explores […]

Inside the Deathly Hallows

Potter fans are all a flutter the upcoming return of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Get up to date with the latest movie by watching these behind the scenes clips, trailers and feature clips featuring actor and director commentary on the upcoming releases. It’s amazing how much Ron, Herminie and Harry have grown over […]