Dear Santa,

Has it been almost 365 days already? So many good games released in 2010, so little time to play them all..and let as I have a stack of games still waiting to be played. I’m obsessed with buying more..or rather asking for a few gems this season and a few minor wishes.

1. It’s been over year and yet still I can’t get the imagery and shakes brought forth from playing Dead Space to cease. Please make Dead Space 2 just as deliciously horrifying and this time with some single player DLC that the first could’ve had. PS: with the addition of multiplayer, don’t suck solo campaign, please don’t suck or be hindered because of it.

2. Loved the Clash of the Titans game with its 5 DLCs packs (some with 3 solo missions each) that keep it so enjoyable thereafter and worth every penny. I ask you please put this under many gamers’ trees so that they get a chance to enjoy this game. It was unfairly slammed as mediocre and sub par. So not true. I’m glad it’s to be reviewed on Feed Your Console’s special Holiday Review round up!

3. Please lower the price of the Kinect. 🙂

4. Please revert the new Dashboard’s look on the 360..way too N64 blocky, square and just plain slower..yuck!

5. Allot me more time to not only play more games, but review more for the Console Readers who deserve to know what they should invest in, and what to totally poop on.

6. Please let the EA team behind Dead Space work on a Walking Dead game modeled after the new TV series. 3rd person view!!!

7. James Bond: Blood Stone was sooooooo good. A guilty pleasure if ever. Finally a Bond game where you can SEE your body. It’s Daniel Craig and it’s bloody darn good action all the way through!! Uno mas por favor Activison!!

8. Make sure my buddy, and fellow writer Josh gets everything he desires, like DLC for Fallout Vegas this xmas. Also, he’s just an awesome friend, so hook him up with some Vivid Entertainment bits on Netflix.

9. Ico and Shadow of Colossus combo game in April. Please be exactly what I always dream of visually. Some dreams do indeed come true.

10. Lastly Santa, please ban the creation of anymore GI JOE or Transformers games based on solely NOTHING!!! aka the ones made to tie in with the equally terrible movies.

Thanks Santa, you always deliver!
Keep gaming, you FeedYourConsole writer,