Well as some of you might have seen, I posted my annual Wishlist to Santa Claus and in there some may have noticed few snippets and wondered “a new Resident Evil game and Mass Effect?”. I can say with all certainty that an unnamed source has confirmed to me 2 guaranteed announcements and 1 they weren’t positive on but were certain that it existed but possibly wouldn’t make it to the VGAs.

  1. Mass Effect (2.5?) is to be announced at the VGAs. My source tells me it was originally planned to be released as DLC but soon ballooned to a size that was worthy of a full retail release to tide us Mass junkies over until 3 comes out at some undisclosed time. I don’t have a problem with the idea but we all saw what happened with Halo ODST – Sure it was entertaining but it felt like it should have been nothing more than a $15 DLC or perhaps multiple downloadable chapters. This will happen Dec 11.

  2. Resident Evil (multiplayer) Spike TV has been airing their ad spots and if you look carefully, a 1 second frame that’s easy to miss (image below). My source tells me that the guys behind the last few less than stellar Socom games, SlantSixGames are poised to showcase a new Resident Evil title. It’s no sequel though – No sir, this game is a multiplayer game that takes place during the events of Resident Evil 2 (my personal favorite in the series). My source is more than a little accurate with previous information I’ve received and the images below sure add some credibility to what they tell me. The 1st image below states “Stay Alert, Stay Alive, Report Symptoms” and the 2nd image showcased says “Infected?Report it!” with a silhouette of a couple zombies with a big red circle and bar through them. Just the kind of posters you would see at the beginning of the Zombie pandemic.I really hope that this title lives up to what it could be but the previous RE multiplayer game failed to impress anyone and SlantSix isn’t exactly known for their great track record so take from that what you will. This is a sure fire announcement
  3. Bioshock 3 – We all know about the forthcoming Bioshock Infinite and we all know that much like Fallout New Vegas, this isn’t a true sequel to the series. So what about Bioshock 3? Well the game is deep into develoment and the rumor says that it may make an appearance at the VGAs but there’s alot of work to do in a short amount of time to ready it for an official announcement. My source tells me that while it’s possible that they’ll make the needed deadline, it’s looking more and more unlikely.
  4. Gears of War AnnouncementThe latest trailer from Spike TV for the VGAs showcases Cliffy B from Epic games stating that they’re going to show off some new Gears game footage “…it’s not what you’re expecting”. Cool – We can only speculate as to what this means at this point but all signs point to some form of Kinect support either in the actual game, a separate game mode or maybe a completely different game.

This years VGAs are shaping up to be a pretty sweet event – remember, when the first 2 or 3 rumors above come true, you read it here first. Now bring on the haters or lover. I’m ready to discuss.