While trolling the internet, I came across a post in a forum that posted a supposed leak from what 343 Industries is working on. Interestingly enough the top corner says “Halo Nemesis”. Further to that point, it’s in 3rd person perspective. If this is a new Halo, I think that could be neat but something tells me this is BS. What do you guys think?

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  1. Someone’s wishful thinking. Looks to me like a photoshop job. 1.The rock edges seem too smooth (like someone had an erase brush that was too big) . 2.I know textures have gotten pretty good in most video games but the ground in the picture look like a 2D picture from a dig camera. Just my thoughts. Love the idea of a third-person adventure/rpg style game set in the Halo Universe though.

  2. BS.

    The HUD is way too poorly made, even for an early build.

    The text is very lack-luster and the radar looks sad. Overall this looks like a good looking environment with an 80s HUD. 343i wouldn’t be looking towards a 3rd person shooter for this FPS fanbase. IF this is anything related to 343 or the halo series then the image would be from a theatre mode. Someone is benefiting from making an image that looks very similar to the early leaks of Halo Reach with the yellow HUD and 3rd person over-the-shoulder image.

    My guess is some very nice photoshop work with the character in the environment (as no one has identified either from anything known as of yet) with piss-poor HUD imagination.

    But it did peak my interest none the less.

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  7. Who says this is in 3rd person? Why cant that just be another Spartan being viewed via First-person camera. I think thats more likely as a detraction to a 3rd person perspective game seems unlikely at best.

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