xbox 360
There sure has been a lot of Xbox news lately so lets get caught up in one big post…

Kinect Sells 1 million units in just 10 days!!

Microsoft says they are on pace to sell 5 Million by the end of the year! For those of you that have the Kinect – Tell us your thoughts we want to know what your thoughts are – Read ours Hardware Review for Kinect.

Alan Wake heads to Games on Demand for Xbox (worldwide – except Japan)

Next week (Nov. 23) the psychological thriller from the team at Remedy Entertainment will be available exclusively on Xbox LIVE for download at the cost of 2400 Microsoft Points. The Games on Demand version is available for all Xbox Members (Silver and Gold) members and requires 6.3 GB of space. While your downloading Alan Wake grab the “The Signal” and “The Writer” add-ons for 560 Microsoft Points each. Read our Review of Alan Wake.

Crackdown 2 is getting DLC (560 Microsoft Points)

The “Deluge” adds a number of new MP experiences from Capture the Flag to the Crackdown version of Hoard mode. Offereing up two versios of the Deluge player can pick between:

  • The trial version of the Game Add-on includes the complete 16-player Capture the Orb mode, which introduces a “Crackdown” twist to capture the flag, as well as a single player, sample version of the Deluge cooperative mode.
  • The premium version consists of all “Deluge Pack” content including the complete Deluge co-op mode, new Achievements, avatar awards, as well as the 16-player Capture the Orb mode for 560 Microsoft Points.