Nintendo Holiday EventTonight I had the pleasure of heading down to see Nintendo’s Holiday Lineup and get my hands on the latest titles coming to the Wii and DS for all you Nintendo Gamers out there.

I have to say Nintendo holds the keys on home party games for the whole crew, with Wii Party your going to be the host with the most at your next party.  So many mini games and team challenges your guests will be laughing and entertained all night long.  Mix in a few adult sodas and your guests will never want to leave.

Perfect for causal gamers and Family friendly.

Maybe you are more of a puzzle gamer, looking for the next riddle to cross your path?  Well take heart, Professor Layton is back with his third title “Professor Layton and the Unwound Future“. Use your skills of deduction and riddle solving to help Luke and the Professor solve a mystery, a mystery from the future…

Perfect for puzzle and portable gamers.

Artists and those just learning to draw will want to get there hands on Art Academy. A step-by-step learn to draw program that lets event the worst artist (thats me) to draw a work of art. Just look at the tree I was able to draw following the instructions provided by the in-game art Tutor.

Ice Mario
Mario in Ice

Mvern78 talking with
Nintendo Canada

On Location:
Trush Holmes Empire

A great event all around with so many titles we just couldn’t get to them all… But based on what we saw, Nintendo Gamers are going to have a long very wishlist this holiday season